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with Getting Things Done, the acclaimed workshop for stress-free productivity

Who are the trainers?

Watch a 2 minute introduction to GTD

Learn how you can use GTD to free up your mind and focus on what's most important to you.

Arif & Ali Vakil have been certified GTD Trainers since 2008 & their new venture Calm Achiever has the Master Franchise for GTD in India.

Their company Vakil Housing became the first company in India to be trained in GTD by the David Allen Company in 2008. 

Having experienced the success implementing GTD in their lives, Arif & Ali are bringing the benefits of GTD to Corporate India.

"The entire GTD approach has boosted not only my productivity but also my wider well-being"

“GTD has shaped my way of living and continues to help me be as innovate and creative as possible.”

“Before applying GTD to my life I was overwhelmed... today I am a whole new person.”

Who is GTD for?

People from different backgrounds looking to up their game and move to the next level, can benefit from GTD


Business Owners

You need control over your day to day activities as well as the perspective to know the direction to move towards. GTD will give you the techniques to achieve both, so that you can grow your Business.

No one has a greater need for work-life balance. GTD will help you clear your mind, so when you’re at a soccer game you can cheer your kids instead of watching your phone! 


Too many meetings? Too many interruptions? Too many mails? With GTD, you can thrive in the busiest and most demanding of environments by honoring your commitments. And relax when you choose to! 


Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. GTD will show you how to get the mundane stuff out of the way and give your creativity laser focus. 

Creative Artists

Here's how GTD can improve your life!

GTD has helped some of the most talented and brightest people around the world be more effective & creative.

Sharpen your Focus

Know how to manage projects

Prioritize what matters the most

Gives space for you to Relax

Distraction free mind for creativity

Make Progress without stress

Break free from procrastination

Get long term perspective

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Frequently asked questions.

Got questions? We have got answers. Here are some common questions asked.

What makes GTD different from other time management techniques?

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, has proposed a fundamentally different approach. David argues that what is required is not elusive time management but really self management–what we do with ourselves in any situation or context, time being just one variable. It involves dealing effectively with all of the things we have to do and want to do, both personally and professionally.

GTD is about capturing things we collect and create, deciding what (if anything) we want to do about them, organising the results of that knowledge work into a trusted system we can review appropriately and making intuitive strategic and tactical choices about what to do at any point in time from our options. In this way, GTD provides a comprehensive approach for increasing productivity while decreasing stress.

How is attending a seminar better than just reading the book?

Reading the book will definitely help you get started. In fact, many people who come to the seminar have already read the book (though it is not required). While the book is great from a knowledge perspective, the seminars help from a practical point of view. It is designed as a workshop where you actually start implementing GTD and get immediate feedback from the seminar leader and the many participants in the room, who coach one another on fundamental behaviours throughout the course.

It is the difference between knowing something and actually doing it correctly. You will also gain key best practices for implementing GTD, presented in a variety of formats to accommodate many different learning styles.

Ready to become more Productive?

Boost your Productivity with GTD by attending the Fundamentals Workshop.

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I'm already quite productive. Can GTD really help me?

Although time management and effectiveness training can sometimes seen for those "not efficient and productive", GTD is different. It is frequently adopted as part of high-potential and partner-track programmes because it consistently helps some of the brightest, busiest, and most ambitious people to get more done. Furthermore, it often makes high performance more sustainable over the long term. Often, with increased performance comes increased satisfaction.

Why do people so enthusiastically recommend GTD?

If you got to this site because someone recommended “this GTD thing” to you, you’re not alone. If you discovered something that consistently helped you to get more done with less stress, wouldn’t you be pretty enthusiastic too? No matter what claims others have made for their adoption of GTD, we recommend you try it out on a practical basis to see what applying GTD can do for you.

Day 1 (GTD Fundamentals)

30th January 2016
9 AM to 5 PM

Day 2 (I&I - Guided Setup)

31st January 2016
9 AM to 1 PM

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2 Day Workshop:
30th and 31st of January in Bangalore
at the Hilton Hotel

Day 1: Learn the 5 Steps to Get in Control

These Five Steps are the GTD control model for managing your focus, to create the clear space that allows you to be more strategic and present.


Capture what has your attention, so that your mind can be free for creative ideas

Clarify what you've captured into Next Actions, so that you overcome procrastination

Organize your Next Actions so that you remember to do the right things at the right time

Reflect regularly, so that you can effectively deal with surprises

Engage appropriately so that you can be completely present & effective

What will you experience at the 2 day GTD  Workshop?

Learn the best practicies for Capture tools

Know the 3 ways to manage your commitments

Experience the Mind Sweep exercise to release stress

How the 2 min Rule can help you move faster on projects

We reveal the 6 buckets anything in your life can be categorized

The 2 most powerful questions you can ask to clarify any input

Learn why generic to-do lists are bad, and what you should do instead

How creating a "Waiting For" list will help you be a better Manager

Share the best practices of organizing your Commitments

How to ensure you have a productive week, every week

How to plan for opportunities and threats in advance

How to trust your intuition to make quick decisions

Clarify your immeidate & long term commitments

Understand "3 Fold nature of Work" to help you plan your work

Be aware of the "Limiting Criteria" to make the right choices

The I&I workshop is all about taking action on what you've learned.

Day 2: Installation & Implementation (I&I) Lab

The Installation & Implementation Lab is all about taking action on what you have learned on Day 1.

By the end of the I&I lab on day two, you will walk out with all their commitments identified, clarified & organized in a working paper based system.

Once this is in place, it creates mind space to have ideas, instead of holding them.

Course Content on Guided Setup I&I Lab:

1. Set up a personalized paper based GTD system.

2. Populate the system with meaningful Projects and Next Actions