Building Productive Teams

Get a Hands-on Experience with Holacracy® to Enable Team Productivity, Accountability and Agility.

Workshop facilitated by Holacracy Coaches Arif & Ali Vakil.

This workshop is for anyone leading a team, a business owner, CXO or a manager who's experiencing:
  • Lack of clarity in the team on who's accountable for what work

  • The need for constant follow up to move projects forward

  • Tasks getting lost in the noise which decreases trust

  • Team meetings that are long, unfocused and a waste of time

Once you have tasted the increased clarity generated by the meeting and communication formats, it’s hard to dismiss the system (Holacracy).

In This Workshop You'll Learn How To:

Structure Your Team to Strengthen Accountability

Increase Team Focus

Facilitate Meeting process to Accelerate Problem-Solving

You'll learn how to create a team structure with clear accountabilities, and how the roles get updated when the work around them changes. This enables two-way accountability between team members.

Learn to facilitate meetings that are action-oriented with concrete outputs. The process leads to faster problem solving and decision making. Every team member gets the opportunity to get what they need.

When issues are resolved and focus is restored, productivity increases, relationships are strengthened, and high-performance cultures are formed.

Experience Holacracy

Lead Productive Meetings

Create Team Structure with Clear Roles

  • What is Holacracy?

  • Explore new ways of structuring teams for clarity and agility

  • Experience a simulation of a Tactical Meeting

  • Overview of the Tactical meeting

  • Get hands-on practice in facilitating tactical meeting using Glassfrog

  • Use meeting cards and scripts to help you get started

  • Create a role-based team structure in Glassfrog

  • Learn the best practices to document roles

  • How to evolve team structure when things change

Calm Achiever®

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David Allen
Creator of Getting Things Done®

This workshop will be facilitated by Arif & Ali Vakil. They are the founders of Calm Achiever, a premier Holacracy licensee. Since 2015, they've been enabling teams to become more agile and achieve stress-free productivity.

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