My little known secret to
overcoming Procrastination

In just 20 minutes per week with a Focus Coach, you will turn your goals into reality. 

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Do you start many projects but struggle to finish them? 

Imagine what a Focus Coach can do for you.

Your coach will guide you, encourage you and help you reach your goals in just 20 minutes per week! 

Just like our happy clients, you will learn how to get things done step by step. You will rediscover a healthy balance between life and work. And you will finish more projects with less effort. 

Your goals won’t be just dreams anymore. They will become reality. 

Are you up for it?


Here's How it Works


Book your Coach

You and your experienced Focus Coach book a
60-minute 1-on-1 goal setting session to get clear on your strategy. Together, you work out your first quarterly goals. 


Access Dashboard 

You receive a personal dashboard to track your weekly tasks & quarterly milestones.  


Meet Every Week

Once a week, you have a 20-minute conversation with your coach. While integrating lessons from the past week.  Your coach helps you re-adjust your priorities and guide you towards another successful week. 


Finish your Goals

During the week, you complete the goals that you commit to.  Your coach checks in via email or WhatsApp to see if everything is going according to plan. 

Just a nudge or pat on the back to keep you on track. 


Celebrate Success

Together, you celebrate the wins and learn from the obstacles you faced. You keep growing each week, making sure your family and business reap the beautiful fruits of your consistent efforts. 


Here’s what our clients say

Focus Coaching gives me the focus and motivation to achieve my most meaningful goals. 

Ravi Kapur

Managing Director, Absolute Services

Thanks to Focus Coaching, I have
Run a full marathon, cleared out my admin tasks, Gone on date nights with my wife, Adventure trips with my son & Hike with my friends. 

Preet Sagar

Founder, IKORA

After joining Focus Coaching,
I know which systems and processes I’ll be putting in place for my business. 

Ayush Jalan

Director, DTC Projects


Just Simple Pricing

Personal dashboard to track tasks

Calendarising tasks

Weekly virtual meetings 

Satisfaction Guarantee 


Billed Monthly

Join Focus Coaching

Dedicated Focus Coach

1 hour deep-dive call to clarify 
goals & milestones

Weekly virtual coaching includes: 


Frequenty Asked Questions

Who is this coaching for?

Focus Coaching is for business leaders who are full of ideas but miss that tiny bit of clarity to convert them into successes. It’s for people with a strategy who struggle to translate it into actionable steps. Get a focus coach if you are determined to be successful and know that it’s ok to ask for help.

Who benefit from coaching the most?

  • The Procrastinators. 
    If you're the type of person who can finish something today and get the benefits of doing them, but keep delaying it. Coaching will help you focus on that and achieve completion.
  • Those who need help Priortising 
    If you have trouble deciding between tasks.  Or find yourself doing menial, mundane, low priority tasks instead of high-impact ones. Focus Coaching will help you identify those high leverage tasks and ensure you achieve them week after week. 
  • The Dreamers 
    If you have dreams of how you'd like your company grow or have ideas on blog posts/books to write but they stay as just dreams.  Focus Coaching will help you plan and then execute on these dreams. Thereby experiencing the wonderful benefits of those dreams and visions in the first place.
  • Those who have success in some areas of their lives but not others
    Maybe you have tremendous successful at work. But you have challenges keeping up commitments in your personal life. Or it's your health that is suffering. If you find yourself successful in one area but not others, Focus Coaching will ensure that you experience success in those areas too and you live a more balanced life.

How long is each coaching session?

Our calls are designed to be quick. Our clients are busy entrepreneurs seeking to get even more ultra high leverage execution done.  We focus our calls to be a powerful and speedy check in to get you focused and moving. Expect 15-20 minutes to get crystal clarity on your most significant tasks for the week ahead.

Is this a course?  Will there be any information taught?

This is not a course nor a training program.  There will be no new information taught.   The Finishers club is for people who know – deep down – what they need to be doing, but just need help executing on it in the most optimal way.  
That said our coaches our highly intelligent and experienced in their respective fields.  They will be sharing their knowledge at relevant touch-points.  But that is not the focus of the coaching.

How many coaching sessions do I need?

We recommend weekly coaching calls for a minimum of 3 months to experience accomplishment of your most important and meaningful milestones. After the first 3 months it’s up to you.  Most clients find this highly beneficial and continue the coaching beyond the first 3 months.

How do I get started / What happens immediately after I sign up?

Click on “Focus Coaching” to make payment.  After which you will hear from our team member to schedule your first call with your very own personal Coach.
In your first call your coach will help you crystalise on what are your goals for the year.  And what are the milestones you need to accomplish by this quarter to achieve those goals.



Our Focus Coaches

Arif Vakil

Co-founder of Calm Achiever® 

Janice Pearl d'Souza

Entrepreneur & L&D consultant 

Mehernosh Randeria

Financial Planner & Life Coach 


Founder’s Note

The path to success can be a lonely road.

As a young entrepreneur, I was always full of ideas but I didn't have anyone to bounce them off.

My daily life as an manager was full of struggles. I was always doing the same mundane tasks, delaying projects and failing to prioritise well. “Maybe later” was my favourite phrase.

I was struggling to execute on my ideas. I was working all the time but I didn’t get anything done. My work-life balance was a mess. I felt guilty, frustrated and empty. Negative self-talk was not helping me either.

Two years ago, something changed. I figured out that my best performances always happened when I had a coach. So, I got a Focus Coach to help me set clear goals and execute them.

Now, I work less, I am happier and my projects don’t end up in the trash anymore.

I am so happy with this evolution that I decided to pay it forward. I founded Focus Coaching so you can experience the same positive change in your life.

Wishing you the best,

Say Goodbye to Unfinished Projects

In just 20 minutes per week with a Focus Coach, you will turn your goals into reality. 

Join Focus Coaching

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