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 Enable Your Teams to Achieve Stress-Free Productivity with Getting Things Done® 

 A Webinar with David Allen, author of NYT Bestselling book Getting Things Done

What is Getting Things Done® (GTD®)?

GTD® helps individuals, teams, and organizations manage their focus and workflow, so they get more of the right things done, and with a lot less stress.

Getting Things Done Training is based on productivity guru David Allen's New York Times bestselling book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

In this Webinar you'll discover:

The formula to turn chaos into control at work
How to stay on top of commitments despite surprises 
How to create systems to do the right thing at the right time 




Arif Vakil is the co-founder of Calm Achiever. He’s a Master Trainer & a Coach in the Getting Things Done methodology.

In 2006 while working in Vakil Housing, he began practicing the GTD to cope with the fast-paced growth while remaining efficient and stress-free.

Having experienced the benefits of GTD, his latest venture Calm Achiever enables senior executives and entrepreneurs in the Art of Stress-Free Productivity with GTD.

Hosted by Arif Vakil

GTD Master Trainer - Calm Achiever

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GTD is practiced in top organizations in India

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