Holabot – Learn the Language to Create Clarity and Distribute Power With Holacracy


Holacracy is a new way to distribute power in organizations.

Language has power. By changing the language it supports the distribution of power.

However, it’s very easy to fall back to old ways if the language of the team doesn’t change. I wanted to change the way I speak, but it would be too jarring for my team.

I would give internal presentations, but that approach was not scalable.

Hence I created a Chatbot to scale the learning of speaking Holacracy.

I’m currently calling it Holabot, and sharing below some of the chatbots that I’ve created.

Holabot is a chatbot designed to help you change the habits of language to create the power-shift in your organization.

It’s current in beta stage.

Use the links below to launch a chat.

Lead Link

Asking personally vs a role

Pitch vs Demand

Deadline vs Projection

Speaking Holacracy Tips

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