Run an Agile Organization with Holacracy®

The Tested Management System For Organizations to Become Responsive In a Rapidly-Changing World

Clarify the Organization Structure

We define clear roles, accountabilities, and purpose for each individual within the organization. We put in a process that will evolve with your organization over time so that the accountabilities reflect the work people do.

Implement Getting Things Done® (GTD) at a team level

About Holacracy

Holacracy® is a new way of structuring and running your organization that replaces the conventional management hierarchy. 

Instead of operating top-down, power is distributed throughout the organization, giving individuals and teams more freedom to self-manage, while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.

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About Calm Achiever

Brian Robertson (founder of Holacracy) with Ali & Arif Vakil

How We Support Organizations With Holacracy

We utilize the proven principles of David Allen's Getting Things Done and apply them to a team dynamic. Each person will be tracking their Actions, Projects & Areas of Focus.

Tactical & Governance Meetings

We'll implement innovative meeting practices designed for rapid execution and evolving of roles & accountabilities of the organization.

We will build systems in place to measure the organization's progress and enable the team to focus on the activities that matter the most.

OKRs to Measure Progress

Arif & Ali Vakil are the founders of Calm Achiever which is the only certified licensee in India to support organizations adopting Holacracy. 

Since 2016 they've been enabling organizations to become more responsive using Holacracy.