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 New Productivity Principles for Leaders 

 A Webinar with David Allen, author of NYT Bestselling book Getting Things Done®

What is Getting Things Done® (GTD®)?

GTD® helps individuals, teams, and organizations manage their focus and workflow, so they get more of the right things done, and with a lot less stress.

Getting Things Done Training is based on productivity guru David Allen's New York Times bestselling book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

In this Webinar you'll discover productivity is:

Not about time management, it's about managing your attention
Not about doing things early, it's about doing things just-in-time
Not about getting things done, it's about being fully present with what you're doing




Ali Vakil is the co-founder of Calm Achiever. He’s a Master Trainer & a Coach in the Getting Things Done methodology. 

Hosted by 
Mohammed Ali Vakil
GTD Master Trainer

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GTD is practiced in top organizations in India

 Are you always fire-fighting?
Dealing with too many surprises?
Is the work around you constantly changing?