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Your Paper based Life Management System, that will help you get your life under control.

Pre-printed Labels

To make life easier (and neater), we’ve pre-printed the labels with the most common categories most practitioners have. However you don’t have to stick to these.  Blank labels are included so that you can customize them to your lifestyle.

Customizable Tabs

Each person is unique, and so should your ActionPad. Each ActionPad comes with 10 blank Tabs which you can customize to suit your work. The tabs are also removable  to give you the freedom to decide how many pages to allocate each of the categories.

Never Miss an Idea!

Got an amazing idea during a meeting? Don’t let it go. Use the ActionPad to capture those brilliant Million $ thoughts.  The ActionPad is not just for Organizing, but also Capturing

Remember the Important Dates

Your ActionPad comes integrated with a Calendar to make a note of all time sensitive & day specific Next Actions or Reminders. This ActionPad is truly complete!

BONUS Video - Learn to Use The ActionPad

When you buy the ActionPad, you’ll also get a Free Bonus video to show you the best way to use it!

What ActionPad users say…

The constant in the face reminder of the 5 golden steps of GTD helps me to stay organized. I like the ready made tabs that apply mostly to all and blank tabs to be used for custom categorization. I would definitely recommend the ActionPad to GTD Practitioners!

I am very happy with the Calm Achiever® ActionPad (Nice name)

It took me an hour to move into the new ActionPad and I have been using it more efficiently since May when I got it!

I’m “capturing” more & it’s helpful to ‘not keep things in the mind’. Sometimes I add actions directly into the context tabs if the next actions are clear. The ActionPad has smart colour combinations and is conducive to initiating conversations regarding GTD.

The 5 steps of GTD on the ruler on the cover are easy to communicate about GTD if needed and follow the process too.

Pradeep Pai

ActionPad is a zero-resistance tool for GTD actions. The removable separator-tabs is an excellent feature. I strongly recommend ActionPad for a super-quick adoption and practice of GTD principles.
Prasad Paramashivappa

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested to order Action Pad in bulk. Do I get a discount?
If you’re ordering more than 10 ActionPads. Contact us for discount.
How much does it cost for Shipping?
Shipping anywhere within India is Free.
Do you sell outside India?
No. Currently we’re taking orders only within India

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