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How to Find Clarity & Joy In Your Work

Have you heard the story of the three stonecutters? It goes like this… “There once were three stonecutters. The first, when asked by a stranger about what he is doing, says, “Can’t you see I’m cutting stones?” The stranger quickly moves off. He comes upon a second...

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The Practical Way To Guilt-Free Relaxation

I need an honest answer to this one! When was the last time you had a completely relaxing vacation? One where you played ball with your child, went on a long walk with your spouse and genuinely felt like you were doing the right thing? If the answer is kind of...

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5 Key Shifts to Game-Changing Meetings

“I love my team meetings!” Said no CEO or manager – ever. However, To do anything great and wonderful, you have to interact with people. And when you deal with groups of people, there is no way to avoid meetings. There are questions to be answered....

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How to Use Evernote as your External Brain

The data stored every day grows at a rate that is four times faster than the global economy! I will let that sink for a second. Our appetite for information is far greater than our need for food and even our desire to progress! And thanks to the digital revolution it...

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Supercharge Your Focus With GTD & Pomodoro

“Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life someone else will.” ― Greg McKeown, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Your best output comes out of focused work. Nothing of real value is born of distractions – whether it’s that important email...

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Does Your To-Do List Overwhelm You?

Stop Creating To-Do Lists. 

Create Next-Action Menus For Stress-Free Productivity

You'll Beat Procrastination, Be Creative & Confidently Prioritise