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How to Excel as a Knowledge Worker with GTD®

We’re different. Quite a bit so. Where just decades ago “work” was considered to be rote - cut and dried, today constant creative thinking and brainstorming, are the essence of our professional lives. Look in the Mirror & Say “Hello” to a Knowledge Worker Do you...

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How to Achieve Big Goals Using a Someday/Maybe List

I love taking online courses. Just show me a well put together program about drawing, marketing or productivity - and I tend to have my credit card out. In a jiffy.  But after binge buying everything I could lay my hands on, eventually my wallet - and my schedule -...

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How to Use Your Natural Rhythms To Maximize Productivity

Recall a time you were super energetic. There’s a spring in your step and you can take on the world. But as fate would have it, there is nothing urgent calling your attention. No last minute deadline. No blinking voice messages. No annoyed boss. So you go on ahead and...

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One Reason Why You Shouldn’t Practice GTD®

Yes. You read that right. Even though I’ve been practicing GTD for 10+ years, I’ve come to think that there’s a good reason why GTD may not be right for you. The thing is, GTD will not work for you if you’re addicted to Stress. And you'll not get any of the fabled...

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How to Align Everyday Actions with Your Life’s Purpose

Have you ever had the feeling of being lost & left wondering “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”, “Why am I in this job?”, “What does all this mean?”, “Who am I, and what is my purpose?”. In spite of all the achievements, there is a feeling of emptiness. This usually...

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