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Getting Things Done® – A proven system to achieve stress-free productivity

Holacracy® –  a self-management practice for running purpose-driven, agile organizations.

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Achieve Productivity & Focus with Getting Things Done®

Getting Things Done® is created by David Allen, NYT best-selling author and the world’s top expert on Personal Productivity.

GTD enables leaders to get mental clarity, gain perspective, manage surprises & dynamically prioritise moment to moment.

GTD For Teams

GTD Coaching 1 on 1

6 Benefits of Implementing

Getting Things Done®

1. Performance—
Use a common language and system across teams and organizations to improve productivity habits that lead to more predictable outcomes. 
2. Productivity—
Reduce mental overload and apply energy to the right tasks to create more productive moments. 
3. Teamwork—
Apply the GTD system across intact and matrix teams to increase reliability, follow-through on commitments, and team trust. 

4. Decision Making—
Reach actionable decisions quickly without experiencing decision fatigue or mental drag. 

5. Alignment—
Align the focus and attention of individuals, teams, and organizations to the most critical priorities. 

6. Innovation—
Free up mental capacity and time to refocus thinking on innovation and strategy.


Build an Agile Organization with Holacracy®

Holacracy® is an agile approach of running and scaling responsive companies.

This self-management practice empowers people throughout the organization to drive meaningful change and pursue the organization’s purpose in the world.

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Products to Enable Stress-Free Productivity

GTD Starter Bundle

The GTD Starter Bundle is for those who need something more than the book to master David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” framework and achieve Stress-Free Productivity.

Action Pad

ActionPad is your Paper-based Life Management System, to get your life under control. Time-tested & refined over 10 years with hundreds of GTD Practitioners.

Pocket Pal

The handy Pocketpal is your perfect companion when you’re on the move. Use it to jot your world-changing ideas so that you never miss out on them.

Actionable Advice to Boost Your Productivity

GTD is Not About Doing Everything On Your List

GTD is Not About Doing Everything On Your List

Productivity gurus will always tell you that ticking off all the items on your checklist is the ultimate win.  So you walk out of the arena proudly like the heavyweight champion of the WWE who took on all the tasks. I’ll admit, in theory that’s an encouraging...

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GTD® is Not About Achieving Goals in The Future

GTD® is Not About Achieving Goals in The Future

Do you love making goals? I think most of us do. We all enjoy foreseeing our ideal future. Like the house we want to live in, the money we want to have in our bank, the relationships we want in our lives. We are all pro goal makers. But being a pro goal maker doesn’t...

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How I Used GTD to Build a Yoga Habit During Lock-down

How I Used GTD to Build a Yoga Habit During Lock-down

The lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic has seen my routines go for a toss No social meetingsNo travelingNo chit-chat with gym buddies!  Do you have a similar story to tell? Like most of us, I too am working from home. Though, at the moment, life does not...

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A Formula to Guarantee Focus & Completion

A Formula to Guarantee Focus & Completion

I had unwavering focus. Nothing could distract me. What normally would take me weeks, I can get done in an hour. My attention was so acute, I felt like I had the attentive power of Buddha himself. This is how I am studying on the last day just before an important...

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Stop Carrying the Weight Of the World. Capture Instead.

Stop Carrying the Weight Of the World. Capture Instead.

This is a common sight at Indian Railway stations. That's how porters carry luggage from one's car to their carriage. A participant at my last workshop shared a lovely analogy: "Imagine you're travelling by train, you notice a passenger seated across the aisle.There's...

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