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David Allen Interview Series [5/6]: Best Ways to Prioritize & Overcome Procrastination with GTD®


There is always more to do than can be humanly done!

We all exist in a world where we are constantly juggling various tasks and giving priority to some over others to reach our goals.

The fifth video in the six part interview series with the maestro David Allen shares a number of interesting never heard before anecdotes and secret tips.

Learn about:

  • The power of getting clear on your Next Action mundane level to view your priorities objectively
  • The realization that you don’t ‘set’ priorities, you have them by default if you have a life to live and projects to handle
  • The six horizons of focus and how they can provide criteria for managing your priorities
  • The power and catharsis of completion
  • The number one positive habit as identified by David Allen for consistent success
  • The role of ‘Next Action’ focused thinking in overcoming procrastination (Hint: Will power doesn’t really work)

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Lots of amazing insights in just 10 minutes.

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