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Can’t find your calling?


What is my calling?  

It’s a question that has plagued our minds and confounded our thinking over & over again, at various stages of our life.  

After all, what is the most meaningful and fulfilling that I can engage myself in?

At one point in my life, whenever I met someone new, after some small talk, I would pop my favourite question.  I would ask,

“What do you think is the purpose in life?”

I have received many answers over the years.  The ones that resonated with me are the God-Centric ones.  So if you ask me, the Purpose of Life, it is:

  • Nearness to the Creator.  
  • Intimacy with the Source of All Goodness.  
  • To be one with the Creator and in harmony with creation.  

“What you seek, is seeking you”

~ Rumi

But we digress. In this post, I want to focus not on the ultimate Purpose of Life.  But your own individual, personal purpose.  What is Your calling?  What “work” can you engage in on an everyday, ongoing basis, so that you’re in a state of bliss.  A state of highly enthusiastic, infectious energy.  Even experience bouts of euphoria!

Is there one such activity out there?  A “calling” that you have been hunting for in desperation?  But has been alluding you?  

I’m beginning to think, that is a dumb question.  

Because the question pre-supposes that you can have one and only one purpose.  One calling.  One activity that fulfils your dreams, your passion.

That’s it.  Every other thing is the wrong thing.  

It’s like saying that out there, for you, is one soulmate. Everyone else is a mistake.

In a world of 7 billion, if there is one soul that is your “destiny”, the chances of you meeting that person…statistically speaking… is ZERO!

Good luck with finding yours.

So you take the practical approach.  You find a match that meets certain criteria or has chemistry and you make a decision.  Then accept it all.  The good, bad and the beautiful.  Your partner does the same.

Perhaps it’s the same with your purpose.  Depending on where you are in life there are skills you have developed. Certain things that you are constantly thinking about.  Passionate about.  And for those, there are certain opportunities available.  They may not be ideal.  But make a decision.  Accept the trade-offs and carry on.

As times change, you develop new skills, your interests change, passions change, markets change.  You reevaluate, relearn, re-skill, make a new decision and carry on. Again.

So stop waiting for the perfect opportunity.  Stop waiting for the stars to align.  Stop waiting for the heavens to send you a sign.  Use your spirit as your guide.  Accept there will be trade-offs.  And make a decision.  Keep moving.  Keep growing.  As you do, the path will get clearer.  God willing!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is today.

~ Chinese proverb

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