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David Allen Interview Series [1/6]: What is GTD® & Why Is it So Popular


Here’s a treat.

When Arif & myself met David in Amsterdam, we took time out to quiz him about our most pressing productivity questions! And the result was a wonderfully refreshing interview series of never seen before content.

David got charmingly candid about the GTD methodology and it was a pleasure to spend time with the humble genius.

This is part 1 of the 6 part series and David shares how he made ‘explicit’ the habits of the most productive people on the planet. He also talks about:

  • The reason why GTD gives each person exactly what he needs in his life
  • Why Getting Things Done is not really about ‘Getting Things Done’
  • How to get out of the latest and loudest mode
  • How you can actually feel good about not doing stuff if you are appropriately engaged
  • The importance of an external brain

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It is 6 minutes of epiphanies for GTD lovers.

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