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World’s #1 Expert on Productivity, David Allen makes his First Visit to India


We’ve had an amazing weekend.

Over the last two days we had the privilege of spending time with David Allen! And thus can say this with a lot of conviction:

Despite being the creator of the world’s gold standard in productivity and focus management, David Allen is authentic, genuine and an all round great guy.

On this maiden visit, he connected with top entrepreneurs, HR professionals & most importantly his fans in Bangalore.  He shared the back story of his powerful methodology, Getting Things Done®, and how it can help boost productivity of companies in India.

He’s 70 years old but a 25 years young at heart. His energy is contagious and he can electrify the room when he speaks.

Have a look at the some of photographs below capturing the best moments of David’s visit to India.

Book Launch:

David Allen launched the 2015 edition of his best selling Book, Getting Things Done.

In the Media:

Times of India:

Deccan Herald:

Business Wire:

Didn’t get a chance to meet David this time? Don’t worry!

He loved India, and is looking forward to come back soon. 🙂

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