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GTD® Rocks India – Our First Live Seminar


We talk GTD

Firsts are always special and memorable. Aren’t they? Your first salary, your first house, your first car…..!!

On 19th of April, I and Ali, we delivered our first GTD Seminar. We’ve been practising the GTD framework for almost ten years now and have conducted sessions and workshops for our in-house teams. But this was different…this was our first live seminar! And the first one we delivered as the official partners for the David Allen Company in India.

We spent weeks and weeks preparing. The last two days we camped in a secret hideout and kept rehearsing till we were pooped! We had barely enough energy to make it home and flop onto our beds.

On the day of the presentation, we were nervous, yet we couldn’t wait to get started. Normal reaction before life changing events I suppose 🙂

As things turned out, our worries were unwarranted. The material being so great, the presentation was fabulous. Our crowd was kind and gave us terrific reviews.

So it begins. We’ll be conducting several public seminars over the coming months. Sign up for our newsletter here to stay updated on our schedule. Meanwhile here are some pictures from the event! Hope to see you in them next time.

Arif extols GTD virtues

Using GTD custom material

     GTD participants discuss new insights 


GTD Instructors

GTD Rocks

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