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How to Make the Most of Every Minute of Your Day


How busy are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

8? … Maybe an 11?

If you’re the busy type, I’m sure you want to make the most of every little second you have in a day.

But the fact of reality is that you’re not always in a high alert mental state. So the question is: How to make the most of your time

One common mistake I see people making concerns poor decisions around how to use their hours and minutes! They inevitably pick the wrong tasks.  

For example in the morning when they are fresh and ready to take on the big to-dos, they end up spending time on Facebook! And when they’re exhausted (social media does that to you!), they scramble to complete their mission critical report.

Here’s the thing to realize. Not all tasks are equal. Some require more alacrity than others.

This an effective Productivity trick I’d like you to go back with: Match your Mental State to your Activity. For example:

Morning I’m creative –> I Work on Comic

Afternoon I’m toast –> I Work on menial tasks like simple paper work. cleaning & updating files and spending time on Social Media (I know you can’t give that up completely)

Evening I’m energetic –> I go to the gym

If you’re following the GTD® methodology you know that it gets you to organise your work based on contexts. Every next action is parked in a category. Here are the most frequently used ones to help you get started:

– Agendas
– @Calls
– @Computer
– @Office
– Errands
– Waiting For

You can get more creative by adding  categories based on your available energy levels:

Quick hits (Easy to do)
Focus tasks (requires longer periods of focus & energy)

This way you can reserve your energy for important activities, and when you’re feeling exhausted, you can get the simple things  done.

Follow this strategy to accomplish a lot more and to the absolute best of your abilities!


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