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Ravi Hundalani

RAVI HUNDALANI is an Internationally Certified Master Trainer, Business Coach, Entrepreneur-Investor & avid Globe Trotter. He has ~23 years of varied industry experience working with people across levels, largely in
Fortune 500 organizations; ~19 years of his business experience, has been dedicated to producing extraordinary results in the Learning & Development arena.

Ravi has successfully made an impact in delivering bespoke training solutions in the areas of Leadership Capability Building, Career Development, and Management & Graduate Training, Instructional Design, Performance & Competency Development.

In his previous roles, Ravi has had long stints with marquee Fortune 500 companies like IBM Business Processes & Deutsche Post DHL, in a senior leadership capacity. He has been instrumental in developing innovative tools, establishing best practices and products in the areas of instructional design, trainer certification norms, competency assessments & employee development. Many of these have yielded a measurable ROI for the organizations he has been associated with.

Overall in his career, he has personally enriched the lives of ~23000 employees directly and 3x that number indirectly through his teams. His programs have been well received across India and in a host of Asian / Middle Eastern countries. His previous stints as a Television Anchor & Radio artiste add a unique dimension to his capabilities.

Ravi’s high energy levels along with his enthusiasm for the learning process, and the positive difference it can make, is contagious.

GTD Trainer
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