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So how is 2022, going for you?


Eyes shut.

Eyes open.  It’s 1 Jan 2022. Happy New Year!

Eyes shut.

Eyes open: It’s 24th Jan 2022.  Three weeks over already!

Yes, we’re really in it now.  

Whether you like it or not.  Time is hurtling away.  And you’ve learnt long ago that there’s nothing you can do about it.  Or is there?  Well, here’s the thing, of course you can’t control time. But you CAN control the actions you take in the time spent.   That’s why you feel what you feel when you look back.

So here’s the big question what did you do over the last two weeks?

Do you look back on these two weeks and feel regret?  

Or do you look back at these two weeks and feel pleased with yourself?

Your reaction depends on just one thing:

– Have you been present, making meaningful choices. On a moment-to-moment basis?  

– Or have you been reacting to the latest & loudest surprise in front of you?

Because if your fortnight has been anything like mine, you would have had more than enough surprises.

In the last three weeks I had to:

– Spend an unplanned week away from work at a treatment centre.

– Then spend another week catching & recovering from Covid.

Yet I have very little regret.  I look back and give myself a self-appreciating nod (Joey style) and a congratulatory pat on the back.  

Why? Because even though my last three weeks were thrown out of whack, yet I have been able to choose & engage in tasks and activities which are the most impactful & meaningful to me.

How have I been able to do that?  It’s simple.  Because I have a coach.  Week after week.  My coach helps me:

– Work out the most meaningful task that I need to focus upon for the current week.

– Then stay focussed on it, by holding me accountable to it.

As a result, regardless of the surprises & circumstances, my target is clear, my vision is set.  I just need to show up and chug along.  

Without a coach, it is very easy to come with reasons & excuses on why I couldn’t get stuff done.  After all I am my own boss.  I’m not answerable to anyone.  

But with a coach in place, it’s different.  There is positive external pressure.  There is deeper introspection.  My higher self shows up.  Time and again.  And it does wonders.

If you’d like an accountability coach for yourself.  Do visit The Finishers Club.  

You can have your very own personal Accountability Coach for Rs. 10,000 a month.  We insist on a 3-month commitment to experience the full benefit of Accountability Coaching

Hiring an Accountability Coach without doubt is the surest way to will ensure your highest chance of achieving your 2022 goals.

Just like the first three weeks of January have passed.  So will the rest of the year.  Don’t let it pass in regret.

Drafting and sending out this blog post was a task that I committed to my Accountability Coach.  Now I can check it off!

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