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Why You Need to Stop Managing Time


Getting Things Done® is often confused with “Getting More Done.”

But if you know even a little bit about GTD® you know that it is not just about “getting things done.” GTD® is about getting the right things done so that you lead a full life and grow into the best version of yourself by aligning with your highest purpose.

Most people who are stressed out with too much to do think they need more time to achieve their goals.

What would happen if these same people were suddenly granted two extra hours a day? They would still make poor choices, get distracted by a thousand things, procrastinate and end up with anxiety, worry, and regret.

Because true productivity isn’t cramming your day with task after task. It is producing meaningful results on the most important commitments.

Stop Managing Time. Start Managing Attention

Time Management is a myth. And also the reason why most productivity methods leave you unsatisfied. The key to productivity is not managing time, but managing your attention.

You don’t need time to come up with a brilliant idea. It takes a microsecond for an epiphany to strike. 

What you need is room to think creatively.

You don’t need time to have a fulfilling family vacation.

What you need is to be present with your family.

It all boils down to what we choose to devote attention to.

But will all the distractions like Phone Calls, Emails & Social Media, how does one manage attention?

Getting Things Done® has a fantastic 5 step flow to get you in control of your attention.

#1 Capture: Give yourself permission to make a creative mess by sweeping everything that has your attention from your head to a trusted, external system. It eliminates the worry of “Am I missing something?”

#2 Clarify: Get clear on what a nagging thought means. Is it actionable? If yes – what’s the first action you can take to make progress and what’s your desired outcome? Clarify is your remedy for distractions.

#3 Organize: Group next actions by context or the setting where you’re the most likely to get it done. Buying groceries isn’t the best place to make progress on the board presentation. By putting Next-Actions where they belong, you remember to do the right things at the right time.

#4 Reflect: Instead of just doing, take some time out to reflect on your commitments. Which ones will give you the maximum return? Which ones are you okay doing later?

#5 Engage: Now take action on what truly matters to you without worrying about what you aren’t doing and stay prepared for new opportunities.

Time isn’t a resource that restricts greatness. If it were, people like Zuckerberg, Gates, and Premji wouldn’t be around. Cause they all had the same number of hours a day – 24.

The big difference is their ability to guard their attention and focus on real purpose driven priorities.

Are you struggling with work-life balance? Struggling to stay on top of your commitments?

Invest in the GTD® Starter Bundle and make major headway in your productivity practice.

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