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20 Things GTD Is Not (And What It Really Is!)


What is GTD?

I’ve been practicing GTD for over a decade, but it can still be challenging for me to explain what GTD is, and how it benefits.

It’s very easy for new practitioners to mistaken it for something else like time-management, or a way to get more work done.

But GTD really much more!

A good way to explain what something is — start with what it is not.

So here’s a list of 20 things of what GTD is not! (and what it really is)

GTD is not about managing time better
It’s about managing your attention

GTD is not about having better control over the world
It’s about being in control on where you put your focus

GTD is not about setting plans & achieving fixed goals
It’s about having the freedom to explore options

GTD is not about playing safe
It’s about being ready for surprises

GTD is not doing more hard work
It’s about doing the right thing at the right time

GTD is not about being busier
It’s about making trusted choices at any given moment

GTD is not about creating a perfect plan
It’s about having the speed to maneuver to seize opportunities

GTD is not about reaching a perfect state
It’s about giving you maximum flexibility

GTD is not about doing things early
It’s about doing things just in time

GTD is not about changing the world
It’s about how you engage with the world

GTD is not about being more disciplined
It’s about going in the direction of your desired outcomes

GTD is not about always being in your zone
It’s having the speed to get back on when you fall off.

GTD is not about not being messy
It’s about giving you the freedom to make a mess

GTD is not just about Getting Things Done
It’s about being fully present with what you’re doing

GTD is not about being smart all the time
It’s about making smart choices when you’re feeling dumb & lazy

GTD is not about doing everything on your list
It’s about feeling good about the things that you’re not doing

GTD does not feed you solutions to your problems
It puts you in the driver’s seat to find your own solutions

GTD is not about setting priorities
It’s about getting clarity what your priorities are

GTD is not about giving your life a purpose
It’s about discovering your life’s purpose

GTD Mastery is not a destination
It’s a lifelong path of Mastery

“I do as little as I can get by with, and as much as I need, to get to the place of no distraction, a clear head, and the ability to follow my moment-to-moment intuitive hunches.” ~ David Allen



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