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10 Things GTD is Not


Almost a year back I did a post 20 things GTD is Not (and what it really is).

After doing Level 3 and attending the GTD Summit, I got some more insights on what GTD is not (and what it really is)

Here are 10 things GTD is not, and what it really is:

GTD is not about achieving goals in the future
It’s about using goals to make appropriate choices in the present moment

GTD is not about making quick decisions
It’s about making decisions from a place of clarity

GTD is not about finishing everything
It’s about constructively engaging with our process of creating and completing.

GTD is not about getting more done
It’s about getting to a place where you love what you’re doing

GTD is not about being more organized
It’s about being organized enough to maximize your creativity

GTD is not about fixing your world
It’s about getting into the right state of mind to engage with your world, whatever it is.

GTD is not always about being in balance 
It’s to give you the freedom to throw yourself out of balance so that you can regularly stretch yourself to find a new balance

GTD is not about maximizing the creation of new things or completing them
It’s about being in the rhythm of balancing the two

GTD is not about becoming creative
It’s about putting systems in place for creativity to emerge

GTD is not just about Getting Things Done. 
What GTD gives us is a way of living with integrity and strengthening relationships with trust.

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