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We Enable Growing Organisations to
Achieve Stress-Free Productivity
with Getting Things Done®
Getting Things Done® is created by David Allen, NYT best-selling author and the world’s top expert on Personal Productivity.

Watch David Allen announce the launch of GTD in India.

Workshops & Coaching in Getting Things Done®

Public Workshops

Achieve your Personal & Professional Goals without getting stressed. Sign up for a 1.5 day GTD workshop in your city

17, 18 January 2019 in Mumbai

07, 08 February 2019 in Delhi

13, 14 February 2019 in Bengaluru

GTD Workshop for your team

We’ve worked with leading organisations in India. Conduct a workshop for your team in the art of stress-free productivity.

Build a culture of productivity

Effectively manage commitments

A System to get Email Inbox to Zero

One on One Coaching

We’ll sit desk side with you, introduce & install the Getting Things Done methodology, custom tailored to your unique preferences.

Get mental clarity & perspective

Increase workspace efficiency

System for delegation & followup

Products To Enable Stress-Free Productivity

GTD Starter Bundle

The GTD Starter Bundle is for those who need something more than the book to master David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” framework and achieve Stress-Free Productivity.


ActionPad is your Paper-based Life Management System, to get your life under control. Time-tested & refined over 10 years with hundreds of GTD Practitioners.


The handy Pocketpal is your perfect companion when you’re on the move. Use it to jot your world-changing ideas so that you never miss out on them.

Actionable Advice to Boost your Productivity:

How would it be without all our struggles?

How would it be without all our struggles?

I hate stress, work, and overwhelm. Yet, I have to admit that when I don’t have work. I miss it. And you know what…so do you. Crushing workloads, crippling deadlines are the bane of existence. But gosh so is stillness, boredom and a life deprived of challenge &...

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3 Ways To Love Doing The Hard Stuff

3 Ways To Love Doing The Hard Stuff

noun  (WORK) Definition: A repetitive ongoing task, that one has to grit through.  Over and over again.  To be successful. Be it finishing your salad.  Dealing with tough HR issues. Waking up early to do your...

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How I actually dealt with Chronic Fatigue

How I actually dealt with Chronic Fatigue

“I’m so tired.“I’m knackered.“I’m pooped!”That’s how I talk to myself.  Eyes heavy.  Burden weighing on my shoulders.  It’s a struggle to sit up and pay attention at a meeting or even to read & respond to email.  That’s how I often feel...

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